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is this the place we used to love?

is this the place that I've been dreaming of?

Maison du Seul ;; A Multi-Fandom RPG
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A city that welcomes the lonely...


You, the mun, apply here as a character. Say you want to be Naruto or something. So, you apply as Naruto, and we, the mods, assign Naruto into a family. Say there's a Leon, or some other notably older character who's applied as a guardian. POOF! You belong in that happy little Leonhart family. Depending on the guardians, the child will either have been adopted or born of the mother. This is up to the head of the family to decide. This should induce copious amounts of crack and fun. However, if your character is 18 and over, they may reside by themselves, start their own family, or if attending college, live in the dorms.

Now, just because your character has been plopped into x home, doesn't mean there won't be some trouble along the way. Once in a while, a mod will be delivering a set of 'issues' to the head of the house. It could be something like 'someone burns something down, minor breaks a bone, someone loses job.' The head of the house can either assign the different issues, or can offer the rest of the muns their pick. The issues will range from lighthearted to fairly serious, but will never result in the death of a character.

Further information on the application process, as well as the application itself can be viewed here.

Housing Options
Choosing a house is the easy part, moving in and meeting the neighbors? Now there's an adventure.

Taken Characters
Check here to make sure the character you want isn't taken.

About the Town
Read this information before you apply, it will help you get a better feel of the town.

Quick Friends Add
Please add all these journals to your character journal's friend list.

Masterlist of Families
Just to show the familial relationships.


i. Activity is required. Your first entry should be created within your first week. Afterwards, you must have some form of activity within two weeks. At the end of your first week of inactivity, you will receive a warning. At the end of the second week, you will be removed. This is only excusable if you have notified a mod or posted in the ooc community that you are on hiatus.

ii. Godmodding is not acceptable. Just don’t do it. This will be handled on the basis of the offense.

iii. Use proper grammar! No short hand, to internet chat talk, and I refuse to accept anyone that can’t capitalize. Even twelve year olds can get that much right.

iv. Stay in character. This is alternate universe, characters will be slightly different, but what is Mister Sunshine in the anime should still be here.

v. Character limit is three. Characters will not be held or reserved nor will they be given to the first person to apply for them. Characters are given to the best application.

vi. Keep it realistic. No magic, no weapons, and not everyone has been dumped in a fifty gallon bucket of emo. Families will have to regulate someone staying home with young kids, someone will have to pick them up from school, kids can’t just frolic around whenever the hell they like.

vii. Respect one another! Respect the mods, respect the players, and respect the readers. This includes everything from labeling logs with explicit content, taking the rest of the players into account, and not starting fights with other players.

viii. Yaoi, yuri, and het are welcome! Keep it in character and we’ve got no problem with whatever pairing you’ve got. Likewise, we realize that sooner or later some form of incest is going to come along. Fair warning, there will be mature content.

ix. Once accepted, join the three communities! Keep up-to-date on all the important happenings, by joining maison_du_seul, mds_ooc, and mds_logs with your character journal.

x. Keep it fun! Okay, seriously. It’s a role play, nothing very serious, so the bottom line isn’t much of an option. Have fun. :3 If you ever need any help on anything, the mods are always free to contact.

If you ever need anything, or have any questions, the mods are here to help! Seriously, we're super nice and easy to talk to, message us for anything. :]

aim; MaPetiteTruffle
email; lunakins@gmail.com

aim;; LaPoisonedGirl
email;; RhapsodicKiss@hotmail.com